10 Yoga YouTube Channels You Can Get Free Yoga Workouts

One of the best things about the Internet is the amount of free information available to you. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that you have so many resources available to you and you end up not using them. I’ve compiled a list of 10 yoga youtube channels that will help you get started with yoga today.

10 Free Yoga YouTube Channels for Free Yoga Workouts

Some of these channels are a mix of yoga and other types of workouts while others are solely yoga.

This just goes to show the huge breadth of free and awesome content that you have available at your fingertips.

Please note that these channels are not listed in any particular order.


This is one of those super fitness accounts that seem to have every type of workout imaginable. You can solely focus on yoga or if you want to mix things up you can jump into pilates or HIIT workouts.

Yoga by Candace

When I think of yoga I think of soothing sounds and when I do a pose I imagine a calm voice directing me.

That voice might as well be Candace’s. If there was such a thing as a yoga voice she would have it.

Fightmaster Yoga

Don’t pretend that when you saw the title of this channel you weren’t sure if you were interested.

Yoga isn’t about fighting!

But wait a second. Leslie’s last name is actually Fightmaster. How cool is that?

Who wouldn’t want to get trained by a Fightmaster? Count me in.

Jessica Smith TV

Another super yoga channel that covers a lot of different workouts. You even get to hang with her dog Peanut from time to time.

Sarah Beth Yoga

If you’re looking for just straight-up yoga action with no crazy music or visual effects then this is the channel for you.

Yoga with Adriene

The Queen of Yoga on YouTube. If you search for “yoga” on YouTube you are going to come across Adriene.

She brings an air of lightness and humor to her workouts and it really feels like she is in the room assisting you.

Ekhart Yoga

Not updated as often as the other yoga channels but that’s okay because there are so many awesome videos in the archives that you will never run out of yoga workouts.

Bad Yogi

One of my favorite channels because it makes you feel like it’s okay to be bad at yoga. You don’t need to a professional gymnast to really excel at yoga.

We all gotta start somewhere.

Psyche Truth

One of YouTube’s biggest yoga channels. What’s great about this channel is that you get to experience teachings from many different yoga masters.

It doesn’t hurt to mix things up.

Sean Vigue Fitness

You can come across some wild and crazy characters on YouTube and Sean Vigue is no exception.

He brings a more personal tone to his videos and you just never know where he is going to do a workout.

YouTube Is a Great Resource for Workouts

YouTube can be an excellent source for workouts. So many people are looking to help make the world healthy and they do that by sharing their knowledge.

There are way more than just 10 awesome yoga and fitness channels. This post is merely a reflection of the ones that I always turn to when I am looking for a new workout.

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