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5 Easy Workouts for When You’re Feeling Lazy

Roll Off the Couch and Spend 5 Minutes Feeling Decent

Although you can lose weight without working out, working out has many more benefits than just helping you burn fat.

  • Increase metabolism
  • Clears your mind
  • Makes you feel good
  • Refreshes the body

A big problem with working out is that you have to work out. Sometimes you just want to be lazy and lose weight which is understandable.

Losing weight requires that you have a fierce mentality that fights through those moments of not wanting to do anything. There is only so much fuel in the willpower tank and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

That’s why I went on a hunt for some workouts that I could even when I am feeling super lazy.

While they aren’t going to give me that full body burn that I look for, they do make me feel good about myself and let me know that I did do something today.

5 Workouts for When You Want to Be Lazy

First, let’s face facts. Being lazy your whole life isn’t going to get you the body you want. Some people have awesome genetics but let’s assume that everyone doesn’t.

The only thing that separates people is if they want to work at reaching their goals.

These workouts are awesome because they are quick and you should have no problem knocking them out, but if you’re looking for a long-term solution with awesome results then definitely consider finding a workout program that works for you.

1. The 5-Minute Burn Workout

Hopefully, you can find 5 minutes in your day to knock out this work out. It’s pretty simple to remember.

  • Jumping Jacks – 40 reps
  • Sit-Ups – 30 reps
  • Squats – 20 reps
  • Push-ups – 10 reps

That’s it! If you can’t do 10 push-ups the regular way then do assisted push-ups. You just want to make sure you do them.

2. The 10-Minute Wake Your Butt Up Morning Workout

If you have 5 minutes to spare then you can probably find another 5 minutes to finish this 10-minute morning workout. If you feel lazy in the morning then jump on this workout to wake your butt up!

  • 20 Jumping Jacks
  • 15 Crunches
  • 10 Push_ups
  • 15 Calf Raises
  • 20 Russian Twists (10 each side)
  • 15 Squats
  • 10 High Knees
  • 15 Reverse Crunches
  • 20 Skaters (10 each side)
  • 60 second Plank
  • 30 second Side Plank left side
  • 30 second Side Plank right side

3. 3-Minute Yoga for Better Sleep

Here is the yoga sequence:

  • Hero Pose – 20 seconds
  • Child’s Pose – 20 seconds
  • Downward Dog – 20 seconds
  • Camel Pose – 20 seconds
  • Butterfly Fold – 20 seconds
  • Supine Twist – 20 seconds
  • Bridge – 20 seconds
  • Knee to Chest – 20 seconds
  • Corpse Pose – 20 seconds

4. 4 Minute Tabata Fat Blaster

Tabata is great for lazy people! It involves high-intensity workouts that are designed to last 4 minutes.

That sounds pretty good to me!

Here it is:

  • Squat Jumps – 20 seconds
  • Rest – 10 seconds
  • Push-ups – 20 seconds
  • Rest – 10 seconds
  • Burpees – 20 seconds
  • Rest – 10 seconds
  • Sit-ups – 20 seconds
  • Rest – 10 seconds
  • Squat Jumps – 20 seconds
  • Rest – 10 seconds
  • Push-ups – 20 seconds
  • Rest – 10 seconds
  • Burpees – 20 seconds
  • Rest – 10 seconds
  • Sit-ups – 20 seconds

5. 10-Minute Stress Free Yoga Workout

Sometimes you can be lazy because you are stressed. Worrying about a million things can cause you to not want to do anything. The best thing you can do is get rid of that stress so you can attack the day. This 10-minute yoga workout is perfect for preparing for a stress-free day.

  • Easy Pose – 1 minute
  • Rest – 20 seconds
  • Chair Pose – 1 minute
  • Rest – 20 seconds
  • Standing Forward Bend – 1 minute
  • Rest – 20 seconds
  • Pigeon Pose (Left) – 30 seconds
  • Rest – 20 seconds
  • Pigeon Pose (Right) – 30 seconds
  • Rest – 20 seconds
  • Half Lord of the Fishes Pose (Left) – 30 seconds
  • Rest – 20 seconds
  • Half Lord of the Fishes Pose (Right) – 30 seconds
  • Rest – 20 seconds
  • Headstand – 1 minute
  • Rest – 20 seconds
  • Corpse Pose – 1 minute

It’s Okay to Be Lazy Sometimes

It’s important to keep in mind that you can’t be running at 100% efficiency every single day. Some days are just too rough to even consider doing a 30-60 minute workout.

And that’s okay.

You can’t always have yourself a perfect day but at the very least you can do a little bit of a workout to help the day get better.

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