13 Lazy Ways to Lose Weight for Women

Before I talk about the lazy ways to lose I want to talk about myself for a second. Bear with me.

I’m tired.

Spend all day at work only to come home and need to cook for my family.

I don’t mind these things but they take a lot out of me.

On top of that, I want to continue to look good and that means eating right and working out. Sometimes I slack off and at my age, that can catch up to you real quick.

So every day I have to be conscious of things I can do to help me lose weight or keep it off.

You probably already know this but losing weight takes work. You also probably already know this: I’m tired.

Work and being tired don’t mix well together so I had to look for ways that I could lose weight without having to exert a tremendous amount of energy.

I’m not lazy, I’m just too damn tired most of the time.

You are probably the same way.

So what I found were 13 ways to lose weight for the “lazy” women. You won’t be posing for Sports Illustrated by doing these things but at least you’ll make progress.

Lazy Ways to Lose Weight for Women

The best way to lose weight the lazy way would be while binge watching Gilmore Girls but since that isn’t an option I will share other things that I do that help to make sure I’m not sabotaging myself on my weight loss journey.

1. Kill the Sugar

This one suuuuuucks because do you know how many good things have sugar in them?

All of the things.

Seriously, every good thing in the world that you can eat contains sugar.

It sucks.

But if you’re really serious about losing weight then you need to kill the sugar.

Sure it’s decent in moderation but your best bet is to kill it cold turkey for a bit.

For those of us with sweet tooths this will be like giving up your children for adoption. Possibly even worse.

You know when you see portraits of people from a long time ago? I’m talking centuries ago. They are always skinny and ripped.

They didn’t have to deal with vending machine candy bars or unlimited refills at the sandwich shop. Refined sugars simply didn’t exist in their time period.

If you can cut out these sugars you’ll find that everything else on this list is a breeze.

I spent a weekend not eating sugars and I lose three pounds. The first day is rough because you have to actively prevent yourself from eating the quick fix foods that you normally eat.

The second day is a bit easier.

After a week you won’t even be thinking about sugar anymore.

Be careful when you do decide to indulge in a sweet treat again. You don’t want to think you deserve a reward and end up eating the whole damn cake.

That wouldn’t work out well for you at all.

If you’re really serious about cutting out the sugars from your life and don’t know a good approach then I recommend you check out this 3-Day Detox Diet plan.

2. Eat on Smaller Plates

Sometimes to win the weight loss battle you need to play dirty. That means you have to whip out some tricks from time to time and this is most definitely a trick.

One of the worst things that can happen to you when you eat a restaurant is getting a big plate that is completely covered with food.

Us humans have a bad habit of needing to finish everything on the plate.

  • Maybe all of those years with mom forcing us to sit down at the table and not leave until we finished our dinner really sunk in.
  • Maybe it’s the fact we hate to waste money so it only makes sense to eat all of the food.
  • Maybe we have a secret competitive eater sitting inside all of us that needs to eat everything in sight.

Either way, unless you are eating at a fancy schmancy restaurant that charges $400 for a piece of cracker with a tomato on it, you are probably eating more food than you need.

Using smaller plates does two things:

  • Provides you with smaller portions of food
  • Tricks your brain into giving yourself a high five for finishing your food and can make you think you’re fuller than you are

Eating on small plates helps with portion control and although there are some foods you could eat a ton of without gaining weight (love your veggies), it makes sense to moderate the number of calories you consume. Even if they are the good ones.

3. Clean Your Teeth

I’m not a fan of my husband trying to kiss me after he eats pizza with onions.

You might think I’m not romantic but nothing is worse than bad breath when kissing. There is just something about a clean mouth that is just so right.

brush teeth to lose weight

When I was little I used to brush my teeth in the morning and then go drink a glass of orange juice. It tasted terrible.

It made me want to stop putting any food or drink into my mouth right after I brushed my teeth. I use this to my advantage to prevent myself from eating more than I should.

Being lazy means I don’t want to have to do more things than I need. If I brush my teeth once then that is all the times I need to do it.

If I brush my teeth I am done for the night. If you trick me into eating something afterward I will be very angry with you.

Seriously, you can kiss our friendship goodbye.

If you want to stop yourself from eating then brush your teeth and swish some Listerine. You’ll end up with the world’s most perfect mouth and you don’t want to ruin that with food.

4. Do Breathing Exercises

breathing exercises to lose weight

Some of these lazy ways to lose weight tips are proactive with regards to what you put in your body and others are proactive in trying to prevent what you put in your body.

Whenever I’m stressed I throw any and all food restrictions out the window. Stress eating is something that many people suffer from and one of the best ways to combat it is through deep breathing exercises.

The idea is that you want to prevent getting to the point where you feel that eating food is going to help with your stress. Instead, take active measures that will prevent you from stressing out to the point where you end up eating a whole pizza.

5. Stop Acting Like You’re a Competitive Eater

In other words, slow the hell down!

Studies have shown that the faster we eat the faster we gain weight. Slow it down a notch.

Food is meant to be savored. Take your time when eating so you enjoy it.

Did you know that it takes your brain 20 minutes to register if you are full or not? That’s why you can sit down eat a whole pizza (or is that just me?) without your stomach feeling like it’s going to pop.

Why didn’t our brain warn us of this coming catastrophe? Because it needs a little bit of time.

That’s why slowing down a bit is good for you. If you want to read a bit more about this check out How to Know When Your Stomach Is Full & to Stop Eating?

6. Chew Gum

chew gum to lose weight

This one might be a bit controversial because there are a lot of gums out there that are terrible for you.

However, if you think of gum like people do that are trying to break a smoking habit then you’ll quickly recognize that gum will be your best friend.

Chewing gum is a great way to curb your appetite. Many times we eat not because we are hungry but because we are bored. Chewing gum helps to get us out of that mindset.

One of the great things about this technique is that you aren’t limited by the number of sugar-free choices. There are tons of sugar-free gum options.

Here are some of my favorites:

7. Have a Game Plan When Drinking

Wine, martinis, and bellinis.

All things that are trouble for me.

There isn’t much wrong when you drink alcohol in moderation. The problem is that alcohol drops our inhibitions and willpower. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a couple of drinks and through “screw it, I can burn this burrito off later!”

If you’re going to drink make sure you have a game plan. Maybe you eat a ton of healthy stuff beforehand so you aren’t as hungry. If you do get the munchies when you’ve thrown back 13 stuffed martini olives then figure out what is worth eating (everything isn’t the correct answer).

The goal of life isn’t to take away all of the fun or any of the fun for that matter. You just have to plan for those moments when you sabotage yourself.

8. Eat Fat-Burning Snacks

If you aren’t intermittent fasting then you are probably going to be snacking. There is nothing wrong with snacking as long as you are snacking on the right things.

Here are 7 fat-burning snacks you can eat whenever you want.

The biggest problem I used to have with snacking was that I was never prepared. What I mean is that when I decided I was going to have a snack I didn’t have anything healthy ready so I would rely on a bag of potato chips.

If you know you need to snack throughout the day then spend each night or morning preparing some healthy snacks for yourself. Almost everything that you get that is pre-packaged is going to do some damage. I know the lazy way to snack is to hit up the vending machine but don’t be that lazy.

Make it a nightly ritual and you’ll be amazed at the results.

9. Stop Drinking Calories

I like to consider myself a soda connoisseur.

I like to try new sodas, but sodas are never good for you.

It kind of sucks, but as I mentioned before, things loaded with sugar are always going to be good.

One of the worst ways to gain weight is by drinking calories. This usually is in the form of soda or fruit juices. Lots of fruit juices have more sugar than soda!

It’s crazy.

Instead, fall back on flavor-infused waters if plain water just isn’t doing it for you.

10. Cut the Coffee

There are a number of negative effects with coffee. This sucks because if I ever got kicked out of my home I would move into Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.

That’s how much I love my coffee.

stop drinking coffee to lose weight

Besides the funny things that coffee can do to your insides it can also have a negative effect on your sleep cycle. How many people like to wake up and go right for the coffee because it wakes them up?

You shouldn’t need a super boost of caffeine to wake you up! If you are eating right and taking care of yourself then waking up is the only boost you need.

Weening yourself off of coffee can be difficult. However, I have a plan for you if you want to give it a try.

How to Wean Yourself Off of Coffee

Coffee is part of your daily routine. I get it. I’m not telling you to stop drinking coffee just like I wouldn’t expect you to tell me to stop breathing air. You might even be thinking that you’ll only stop drinking coffee when I can pry it from your cold, dead hands.

However, if you are concerned with the negative effects talked about in this post then there is an awesome alternative for you. It’s called Teeccino.

It has been produced with a much more similar taste to regular coffee. It is made of carob, chicory root, barley, dates, figs and dandelion with flavors like mocha, french roast and many others.

What makes it so great is that it is alkaline instead of acidic like coffee. Remember all that talk about ripping organ linings? That doesn’t happen with Teeccino. Because it all contains natural probiotics it is good for your digestive system as opposed to bad like coffee.

trevino coffee replacement

If you’re curious about Teeccino and want to see if it can act as a coffee replacement for you then I would not suggest switching completely over to it right away. You should do this gradually.

Here’s how:

  • Grab a bag of Teeccino in whatever flavor looks appealing to you.
  • On Day 1, make your coffee like usually, but only make two-thirds your regular amount. Teeccino takes care of the rest.
  • On Day 2, half coffee and half Teeccino.
  • On Day 3, one-third coffee and two-thirds Teeccino.
  • On Day 4, 100% Teeccino.

Most coffee drinkers should be able to follow this plan without any problems, but heavy coffee drinkers might go through caffeine withdrawals which are never fun.

11. Sleep More

Finally, the perfect solution for us lazy women! Sleep more!

Before I go into the benefits of sleep I want to share something amazing. Something you’ve probably known your whole life. Studies have come out showing that women need more sleep than men because our brains are more complex.

We do more multi-tasking throughout the day and therefore put more strain on our brains. Sleep is how our brain recovers.

So get your sleep!

A lot of the actions that our body does to get healthy, burn fat, and process the nutrients we’ve absorbed all happen in our sleep. When you prevent your body from getting the sleep it needs then you are preventing it from doing what it does best.

If you want to know how to get more sleep the Mayo Clinic has a great article with 7 tips to better sleep.

12. Eat Your Breakfast

This is for those people that aren’t intermittent fasting.

When you don’t eat breakfast then your mind starts to whisper gently that it needs to eat. As the day goes that voice gets louder.

Eventually, you find yourself face deep in Twinkies. How did you get here?

You didn’t eat any breakfast. For shame.

Eating a healthy breakfast not only quickstarts your day but also gives you an argument against your mind and tummy that you’ve already eaten and they can wait till lunch for their next food fix.

13. Forgive Yourself

This is the most important item on the list. One of the worst things that we can do when trying to lose weight is to not forgive ourselves.

Odds are you will slip up. It happens. That’s why we try so many diets so many different times.

Slip-ups happen but they are worse when you don’t forgive yourself.

How many times has this happened? You start on a weight loss journey, have a night out where you eat terribly and tell yourself it was all a waste so you go back to your bad habits?

Why don’t you just say that it was a bad night and now it’s time to get back on track again? You’re human. A damn fine human so stop being so hard on yourself.

When you learn to forgive yourself you can learn to embrace your new future.

Losing Weight Requires You to Be Proactive

None of the things that you learned in this post are difficult when you read them. However, implementing them can be pretty hard because they require you to be proactive.

Some of them require that you break lifelong habits. Some of them require that you change up your schedule a tiny bit.

If you can combine all of these things with a daily walk or mini-workout then even better.

Sometimes losing weight and being healthy requires that cut things cold turkey other times it requires small steps with small victories.

If you’re proactive about trying to lose weight then you can make it happen.

I believe in you.