25 On-the-Go Keto Friendly Snacks to Keep You in Ketosis

When you’re out and about and you start to get hungry, making healthy snack choices can be difficult. That crisp packet or bar of chocolate starts to look more and more appealing the hungrier you get.

A couple years ago I realized that if I always kept a small snack in my purse then it would be enough to keep the hunger at bay until I got home and could have a proper meal. This way I didn’t get tempted to eat foods with a lot of sugar or carbs, and it saved money, too!

That’s why I love the the ketogenic diet. The hunger isn’t as often and I can time when I need to eat.

Simple Snacks You Can Keep In Your Purse

While there are a great number of keto-friendly snacks you could make, not all of them travel well. I have put together a collection of snacks that you can slip into your purse as you step out the door, and don’t require any utensils to eat.

These snacks are going to go beyond the simple fruit that you can take anywhere with you. Although, some keto fruit may not be a bad idea as a snack.

Pro-tip – keep a stash of napkins or wet wipes in your purse in case you need to clean your hands after eating your snacks.

Savoury Snacks

No Prep Required/Ready-to-eat:

Salted nuts

Put a handful of roasted, salted nuts in a small container or reusable snack bag (so much better than those throw-away plastic baggies).

Salted Peanuts

Canned sardines

Bear with me here. I know this sounds like a strange one. Canned sardines come in small tins that can easily be popped into your handbag, making them ultra-portable.

They have easy-to-open pull lids, and you can eat the sardines straight out the tin. When you’re done, throw away the tin and wrap up your fork in a napkin to wash at home.


I love to eat pickles on their own. The crunch and saltiness help with those crisps cravings! I also like to put a few in a small container and put it in my handbag when I’m running errands.

Tip – make sure the lid seals really well so none of the juices leak! Also, I wouldn’t do this on a very hot day.

Jerky Sticks

If you are being very strict, try to get the grass-fed beef sticks. Also, it is common for sugar to be used in the marinade, so check the ingredients before you buy.

Hard-boiled Eggs

A caveat – if you pull these out of your purse, you will get some strange looks. But hard-boiled eggs are one of the best snacks – they are nutritious, portable, and don’t make a mess.

I like to pre-peel mine and put a couple in a small container, sprinkled with a little paprika and salt.

Pork rinds

Make your own, or buy ready-made, pork rinds are a delicious keto-friendly snack option.

Nut butter

Certain brands stock single-serving sizes of nut butter in little sachets. Look for ones that have no added sugar. My favourite is almond!

Cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are a fresh, light snack. Just be careful how many you eat, as the carbs can add up quickly.

Cheery Tomatoes

Salami Sticks

Who doesn’t love salami? It is high in fat, and delicious. Look for brands that aren’t filled with preservatives.

Veggie Sticks

Chop up carrots and celery for a delicious and healthy quick snack. Keep them in the fridge until you are ready to leave.

String Cheese

Look for the full-fat versions to keep on hand. This is a snack I wouldn’t recommend keeping in your purse in summer, as the cheese could melt. But during the fall and winter, it will hold up just fine.


I’ve only recently started eating olives – and more so since I started following a keto diet. They really help with the cravings for a salty snack.

Remember to get the pitted olives so you can eat them without worrying about finding somewhere to put the pips.

Hemp seeds

Don’t make the same mistake I did and get the un-shelled ones. (I tried to use them for a dessert and couldn’t figure out why it was so crunchy…) Hemp seeds have many amazing benefits – it is rich in GLA, good for digestive health, and can even help reduce sugar cravings. Put a handful in a small container or reusable snack bag for a super-healthy snack.

Some Prep Required/Homemade:

Savory Trail Mix

Standard trail mixes are usually filled with carbs, sugars, and all sorts of preservatives. Make your own trail mix by combining (for example) beef jerky, nuts, seeds, and dried seaweed strips in a reusable snack bag.

Homemade Crackers

Make your own low-carb crackers to enjoy at home with a dip, our plain, while you are out running errands. Healthful Pursuit has many recipes for low-carb crackers that are fairly quick and easy to make.

Cauliflower Tots

Cauliflower is such a versatile vegetable. This time it is being used as potato replacement to make cauliflower tots. They are dairy-free but packed with nacho cheese flavour due to the nutritional yeast and spices used. Pack a few in a snack bag or small container, and keep the rest in the fridge.

Sausage Rolls

Keto-friendly sausage rolls are a great portable snack – and can even double as a party food, too. I used to love those ready-made frozen ones. I was surprised when I found out pastry could be made keto-friendly! Make a big batch of these Keto Sausage Rolls and freeze extras so you always have some on hand.

Sweet Snacks

No Pre Required/Ready-to-eat:

Dark Chocolate

Not a summer snack (unless you like getting melted chocolate all over your hands). But in the cooler months, a small bar of dark chocolate makes a delicious, quick snack. Look for versions with no sugar and sweetened with stevia instead.

Dark Chocolate

Cacao Nibs

The keto version of chocolate chips. You can eat these along or make your own trail mix.

Protein Shakes

You can either buy a ready-made protein shake or take your powder in a small container and buy a bottle of water to make up your shake.

Quest Bars

In a pinch, you can always grab a Quest bar. It is quite high in protein though, so you will have to adjust your protein for the rest of the day to ensure you stay in ketosis.

Some Prep Required/Homemade:

Roasted cinnamon vanilla cashews

Cashews are such a versatile nut – they tasted great raw, roasted, salted, with peri-peri spice, and even with sweeter spices. This cinnamon vanilla roasted cashew recipe from Veggie Staples is quick and simple (only 5 mins prep time!) and looks delicious.

Homemade snack bars

I love making different snacks bars – like blondie bars, and keto-friendly almond joy bars – and putting a couple in my purse. Every time I have one it feels like I am eating an indulgent dessert. Try these paleo brownies from Dr Axe, or these homemade protein bars.

Homemade cookies and biscotti

I love dunking cookies and biscotti in my coffee, but the options at coffee shops are loaded with sugar.

If I am heading to a coffee shop to meet up with a friend, I can just put a cookie (ok, who am I kidding – a couple cookies) in a snack bag to enjoy while I am there.

This Sugar-Free Chocolate biscotti recipe uses almonds to make it crunchy and nutty. And if you are in the mood cookies you can try these Flourless Lemon Cookies or for a quintessential cookie snack try this Keto Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Keto Choc Chip Cookie

Homemade muffins

Normal muffins are packed with sugar, and are actually quite unhealthy. Keto-friendly versions are sugar-free and filled with nutrients. Try these Flaxseed Fudge muffins or these Blueberry muffins.

Tons of Different Keto Food

There are tons of different Keto foods out there so you should never be left wanting.

If you want to stay in ketosis though, you need to make sure you’re eating properly. Having some of these snacks handy at all times definitely makes the keto journey much easier.

Over at Keto Dash we preach the importance of being prepared and you’d be amazed at how many people fall off the keto wagon because they didn’t have a snack ready.

Don’t let that be you.

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